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Travel Tips

Here’s where you can find general travel tips for Germany, such as restaurant etiquette, exchanging currency, getting around, and more!


Traveling to Berlin and wondering what to do and see? Visit the Berlin pages for recommendations on food, drinks, sightseeing, and things to do in rain or shine.


In this section you’ll find my anecdotes about life in Germany and the wisdom I discovered in their culture.

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After our first few months of living in Germany, I came home from work one evening and felt overcome with a deep sense of loneliness. At first I couldn’t understand why I would feel lonely in a city of 3.5 million people. On top of that, I was newly married and lived with my husband, so […]

Customer service at a restaurant

Customer Service

Most of the time when I walk into a retail store or a restaurant in the United States, a cheery, enthusiastic employee pops up in front of me, greets me with a smile, and asks how I’m doing before they even ask what I’m looking for or what they can help me with. To my […]

View of the Reichstag building

Deutscher Bundestag: German Parliament Building

The Bundestag, sometimes called the Reichstag, or the German Parliament building in English, is definitely a must-see! I have some very fond memories of this building. First of all, there was a picture of it on my very first German textbook, so to me, this building is Germany. Second of all, I think I’ve gone up to […]

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