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Burger joints in Berlin win the award for the most puns in their restaurant names. The German word for citizen is Bürger, so as you’ll see, several of these restaurants take advantage of the similarity there.

This is a list of my favorite burger joints in Berlin, along with my recommendations. I’m vegetarian, so I’ve never had their actual burgers, but I can definitely recommend some good tofu or other vegetarian burgers. All the recommendations for regular burgers come from my husband.

1. Burgermeister 

Formerly a city toilet, this burger joint is one of the most popular places to eat in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. It’s so popular that you can plan on having to wait quite a while sometimes, although I think it’s totally worth it! It’s also hard to get a table, but you can usually find some crates to sit on or a pole to lean on. I highly recommend the tofu burger with the mango-curry sauce, and the meat eaters I know recommend the chilie-cheeseburger and the meisterburger. After you’ve eaten at Burgermeister, there’s a wonderful ice cream shop just around the corner that we often go to afterwards called Aldemireis. You can read more about it on my post about ice cream in Germany.

2. Kreuzburger

Kreuzburger is another one of my favorite burger places. They have locations in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Prenzlauer Berg. My favorites are the Tofuburger and the Haloumiburger. They have a lot of different types of beef burgers, so you’ll definitely find something you like!

3. Frittiersalon

Frittiersalon was the first burger place I ever went to in Berlin. I’ve been there several times and taken lots of friends there, and no one has ever been disappointed. They have excellent weekly specials and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. I highly recommend the camembert burger. It’s a deep fried piece of camembert with a berry sauce and some toppings on a bun.

4. Burgeramt

I think Burgeramt was the second burger place I visited in Berlin. It’s prime location on Boxhagener Platz is perfect for a summer evening. They have lots of different options from traditional burgers to burgers made from the Turkish specialty Köfte, to vegetarian haloumi burgers.

5. Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück has several locations throughout Germany, although unfortunately, a few in Berlin have closed recently. In any case, this is a great restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options and delicious drinks!




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